Our goal is to ensure that all employees have the opportunity to develop within their activities and take up new positions.


We provide high-quality services, show our professionalism and responsibility to customers


We highly value our partners and work for the benefit of your goals, which allows us to achieve the best results

Shipbuilding and repair of ships and ship systems


Our company provides a wide range of services in the field of shipbuilding, ship repair and ship systems. Using the production capabilities of the Balkan shipyard, we successfully repair ships and individual ship installations.

  • ship hull and machinery defects;
  • repair of ship hulls;
  • repair of the rotary steering complex;
  • repair the alignment of the shaft line (with the obligatory implementation of ultrasonic control of the shafts);
  • electrical technical and electrical installation works;
  • replacement and strapping of main engines;
  • repair of bottom-outboard fittings
  • repair of systems and pipelines (including repair of steam and hot water boilers);
  • replacement of hatch seals;
  • renovation of ships;
  • we make repairs, run-in and presentation to the Register of various engines;
  • dock repair of ships with modern hull processing technology: cleaning of ship hulls, painting of ship hulls with imported paints — with control of the thickness of the applied paint layers;
  • repair of elements of hull structures;
  • repair of ship propulsion systems and their elements;
  • repair of ship's devices, auxiliary mechanisms, pipelines and systems;
  • current and average repair of internal combustion engines in the hull of the vessel;
  • repair of ship electrical equipment and automation for various purposes;

    Implementation of equipment quality control


    Specialists of our company in the field of OK provide services for the detection of defects in such equipment as: lifting mechanisms, elevators and water boilers. Upon completion of the work, an inspection certificate is issued

  • Visual inspection;
  • Capillary control;
  • Ultrasonic flaw detection
  • Magnetic particle flaw detection;

    Elevator maintenance


    The company's specialists provide a full range of services related to the repair and maintenance of various lifting equipment. We also guarantee the high quality of the work performed. Maintenance and repair of elevators are carried out in full compliance with state standards and norms. All services are guaranteed.

  • Repair and replacement of parts;
  • Setting up and adjusting technical components;
  • Repair and replacement of nodes;
  • Repair of technical and industrial equipment


    The company will take care of your equipment. Our specialists are ready to help with the repair of equipment in such industries as: laundry equipment for hotels and hotels, heating equipment and climate control systems

  • Repair and maintenance of boilers;
  • Repair of burners;
  • Repair and flushing of heating systems;
  • Industrial Drying Machines;
  • Industrial Washing machines;
  • Dry cleaning machines;
  • Ironing rinks;
  • Ironing calenders;

    Information technology


    The mission of our company is to increase the business efficiency of our clients through the introduction of high-quality and modern IT solutions. We provide IT outsourcing and IT consulting services.

  • IT OutSource;
  • IT Consulting​;
  • Development of websites and mobile applications (iOS and Android);
  • Development of CRM and ERP systems;
  • Software development - implementation, deployment, integration and configuration;
  • Online business promotion SMM (Social Media Marketing) and SEO (Search Engine Optimization);
  • Detailed and in-depth analysis of the presence of technical vulnerabilities from various cyber attacks in applications and network infrastructure;
  • Design of OT systems with selection of software and necessary equipment;
  • Maintaining computer networks in working order;
  • Configuration, maintenance of servers, workstations;
  • Providing antivirus protection and regular data backup;



    We take responsibility for solving all tasks at every stage of multi-component and complex cargo transportation. We ensure the timely fulfillment of agreements and the safety of your cargo in any logistics direction.

  • Delivery "from the door" to the place of dispatch;
  • Warehouse processing services (consolidation, labeling);
  • Cargo transportation (sea, road, air transportation);
  • Customs clearance;
  • Fast and timely delivery "to the door";

    Services in the oil and gas sector


    Our company is certified in safety for the provision of services in the oil and gas sector. Cooperation with us is reliable for our customers.

  • Manufacture, maintenance and repair of oil and gas field and exploration equipment, including:
  • drilling rig equipment;
  • installations for underground and major well repairs;
  • pumping installations for oil production;
  • tankers and acid trucks;
  • equipment for drilling and production of oil and gas;
  • technological lifting equipment for the assembly and lifting of drilling rigs and oil and gas field equipment;
  • maintenance and repair of oil and gas wells;
  • equipment and devices for flushing wells;
  • safety valves;
  • control and regulation devices for main pipelines;
  • operation of production facilities and facilities of the oil and gas industry;